Anne's Place Monopoli in Puglia

 Cancellation Policy (aka Nancy)

We don't take a deposit, because we trust that visitors coming through the web, and requesting rooms, are genuine. Some would call this naive, but we try to set up a rapport with our guests, and expect that if they have a problem, they let us know in plenty of time. This belief was shattered, when Nancy, from Canada; having had several calls with Anne to make sure that the accommodation for her and her friends was fine, sent an email in the afternoon she was due to arrive to say that they had changed their mind. Now this booking had been made for months, which of course blocked any further bookings on those rooms. But Nancy had thought she could just cancel at a moment's notice.

 What does that mean to all the guests who have booked, and expect that their room is available when they arrive ? Well, actually nothing, because, despite Nancy's naivety, we still believe that you are all basically honest folk, who would let us know in good time if you had a problem, and we are flexible enough to accept that if it is serious, then we would not charge you. 

So, as far as a cancellation policy goes:

Please let us know in good time that you need to cancel. We will accept most reasons, and not charge you. But, bearing in mind that the business we run is based on bookings made months before, and the likelihood that we will not fill a room in short notice, we are obliged to now charge cancellation fees as follows:

Less than seven (7) days notice - one nights payment

Less than four (4) days notice - two nights payment

Same day cancellation - payment to be made in full up to three nights.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or Paypal (add 4%). Details will be provided at the time of cancellation.


Contact Anne by:

Telephone :         +39 080 6900950

Mobile:             +39 347 415 6013