Anne's Place - Bed and Breakfast


Green Blackboards

The study centre is up to date

The principle tells of all the improvements

The finest discovery is the green blackboard

The scientists have studied long and have

made experiments

We know now that green is the ideal colour

that it doesn't tire the eyes

that it is quieting and relaxing

It has occurred to me, Lord, that you

didn't wait so long to paint the trees

and meadows green.

Your research labs were efficient.

And in order not to tire us you perfected

a number of shades of green for your

modern meadows.

So the "finds" of men consist of discovering

what you have known from time immemorial.

Thank you, Lord, for being the good father

who gives his children the joy of discovering

by themselves the treasures of his intelligence

and love, but keep us from believing that by

ourselves we have invented anything at all.

Michel Quoist - Prayers of Life